Call of the Ravens

Indiana Gnome and the Raiders of the Crap Mine


What wears a red hat, carries a fishing rod, and smells of undeath? Skellignomes my friends, skellignomes! For these were the creepy creatures that we faced when exploring the old Gofney Mine. Gofney, that miners boy turned evil spirit had been in the tower when we had argued with the golemnic guards Mars and Cupid, and Meriele had lost sight in the crowds of the townspeople as they had slipped from our view out of Elliks Tower. Being early evening and with Marques Radpen having just arrived we decided to make the most of the remaining day and locate Gofney’s father. Maddy was again a useful guide in showing us the way to Gofney’s house, where we met his mother… Mrs Gofney. With his father (Mr Gofney) asleep in their simple and shabby home, we were able to convince Mrs Gofney to let us in and over garlic soup and old crusty bread we were able to ask questions about Gofney Junior. However of more interest was their gold mine where Mr Gofney (the elder) had recently injured his leg. We convince his wife to give us directions and so with the sun slowly lowering in the sky we arrived at the old gold mine.
So my friends I will tell you of our treacherous descent into the old mine. Clearly this had been used by more than the Gofney family in the past but they had decided, it seemed, to carry on trying to find that elusive nugget to make their fortune and turn their luck. Sandor being a Drow is most at home under the ground yet quickly takes charge of the lantern to aid his comrades for though my vision at night is good my eyes still prefer the starlight rather than the darkness of the earth.
Our explorations quickly showed that different parts of the mine had been worked at different ages, so Meriele decided if anything had been hidden down here by Mr G Junior it would be in the older parts. So we head off with a plan, checking carefully each tunnel as we go slowly deeper into the hill. Sandor carried the lantern, I listen at the doors we come across and Meriele opened them. Clearly abandoned in many places we came across a furnace still burning hotly, yet no gold to be found, in fact Sandor and Meriele identified Silver! And so in the furnace we cast ourselves a fist sized lump of silver for us to sell at a later date. We also find old gnome skeletons and gnomish weapons within some of the caves. It would seem this was once a gnome mine and it has now been taken over by the Gofneys. But why the silver? Maybe Gofney senior can answer that question, but still we press on deeper into the hillside.
At one door I hear a noise the first sound in the silent tomb that is this mine. The slow clicking of something, maybe a mechanical gnomish device? Like perchance an automatic fishing rod machine? Oh no my avid adventurers we open the door and come face to face with gnomish skeletons, this time moving. I relish the destruction of the accursed undead! These unnatural creatures shall be sent back to the grave whence they belong! My comrades and I girde ourselves for battle and position ourselves a little way into the room so that we can take on our foe as they approach!
My wrath is swift against these corpses of corruption and I blast one with my Eldrich energy from my wand as my fiery blade casts red baleful light upon the bones of the approaching undead. Sandor and Meliele are not as swift and Sandor is dealt a heavy blow from the gladius one skeleton is wielding. But he strikes back with vengeance. Meriele my brave cohort fares not so well and her spells falter often in the glowering gloom of the mine. The luck of the desert moon shines upon me even in these caverns and though my fearsome blade misses one of the boney briggands, the eldrich forces that surge to my will bolster my sword arm. My fury is unleashed through my flaming blade and it rages brightly as I cut down another boned horror and I absorb what remains of its soul to heal my wounds. Meriele blinks out of sight to instantly appear behind one of our enemies but again her blade misses its mark as in the harsh shadows shed by our feeble lantern her aim is disrupted, yet bravely she fights on. Sandor succumbs to some more blows from the undead fiends, and I fear for his life as the skeletons surround us, this battle could be all our undoing. We all suffer wounds so grievous that at any moment another cut could be our end. Yet today is not our day to die. Our glorious stand against these monsters of death leads to victory, again and again my scourching scimitar cuts through the skeletons and Sandor’s deadly blades smash their bones to dust! We are victorious, bloody and bruised yet alive. I quietly thank the good spirits that have watched over us as we recover ourselves. I find a magical light crossbow within the remains of the skeletons and Sandor finds a beautiful gem – this with the silver and the gold coins I found before have already made this escapade worthy. If we can find a merchant willing to give us a good price we will be able to celebrate our good fortune in style.
But before this we have the rest of the mine to explore. And so we press on. More of the same old abandoned rooms are found until we come across a horrific surprise. We have seen something like this before and we are stoic in its discovery .. a room full of old and new, even fresh, limbs of humans and demihumans we expect, ripped from the (no doubt now dead) owner. Yet it becomes even more alarming as we discover an object we all recognise. A bandage, from a head wound, no other than Roddick’s old headwound, which we had noticed had gone the last time we saw him. I WAS RIGHT. By my fathers beard! I knew that it was not him, somewhere in this vile room lie the remains of Roddick, while the evil spirit that has replaced him roams free within the town. How many more of the townsfolk lie within this room, Ellik, Gofney, Pont perhaps?
And so what must we do now, if we take this head bandage will the simple warforged Mars and Cupid recognise it and begin to believe as we that the people of the town are being replaced, no murdered even! Should we continue into the mine or is it now time for us to head back to the safety of the town. Weariness is not yet upon us but we have had two hard battles this day, do we dare venture further or retreat with our new found evidence and come back tomorrow?



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