Call of the Ravens

Hell hath no fury like a Tiefling scorned

With our grim discovery of the death of Roddick still fresh in our minds we chose one of the cleaner abandoned rooms and making the door secure with some rocks rested for the night. We were not too sure how long we slept in the darkness of the mine, but we awoke fresh and ready to continue our subterranean search. Two things we discovered as we went deeper. The first was a hole in the floor of a large side room. A giant beetle seemingly asleep was at the top so I thought it would be a good idea to sneak up and kill it in a surprise attack. Alas its armored body was too much for my spear tip and the carapaced creepy-crawly took great pleasure in grasping my head in its mandibles as we fervently fought it. I am now, due to my fooling act, a proud owner of a pair of matching scars upon my face. But is was a big beetle, BIIIG!

Meriele had a briliant and brave idea, she had found a magical dress which she discovered would allow its wearer to float gentle to the ground if they fell. So with strong Sandor and myself taking the rope tied around her waist we lowered he down through the hole. It opened into a vast cavern, across which was spun a gigantic web. Caution got the better of us and we pulled Meriele back to safety before the webs owner decided to make an appearance. This again was a dead end to us. So we turned back and continued down the last passage into the lowest depths of the mine.

The rails ended at some wooden buffers and a narrow passage lead to an empty room off the side. This had another which lead to a circular room. The trickles and rivulets of water that naturally found their way into the mine had collected here in a pool which covered most of this caves floor, a single old glass bottle bobbed on the water and another passage headed off – half filled with water.

Something about the pool made me feel uneasy and as Meriele used her magical cantrip to pull the bottle to her, I noticed something bizarre and alarming. Like a watery worm, an tentacle of the pools water slowly and thickly rose up from the pool and headed towards us! Sandor drew his sword and slashed at the salty serpent and acid hissed and fizzed from his blade! This water spirit was dangerous indeed and so we swiftly headed back. The water still followed us, and with Sandor leading the way with the lamp and myself keeping an eye behind us we were not only able to keep a distance from it but quickly discovered that we could out run it without much effort. So we hatch a plan for Mereile and myself to attack from afar with Sandor keeping watch. It took many hours as this magical monster indeed was strong but clearly a mindless entity. It fizzled and sloshed into damp nothing, and so we were able to then enter the water safely.

Within the bottle we found a strange amulet with a living eye, I was able to focus my powers upon it and learn that I could see through this eye wherever I placed it, being able to take it out of the amulet and set it down just so. A worthy boon to be found!

The water passage we entered gradually went down and so became deeper until we had no choice but to swim. We all very nearly drowned as fatigue got the better of us, but in the last cave at the end of the tunnel we found two magical gems, one of water breathing and one of fire resistance.

My mind turned back to the strange forge we had found the day before and so after starting a fire from the dry wood of the rail buffers and drying ourselves off we headed back out up the mine towards the forge.

Lo! We were met upon the way by no other than those dire spirits who had taken over some of the villagers. Ellik, Pont, Gofney, Roddick and some others. We knew of the foul secret of these fiendish spirits and I felt my blood start to rise in anger at the thought of what they had done to the true Roddick and the rest. They ordered us to ‘get out!’ but we would not and tried to play a ruse on our part about checking out the safety of the mine for Gofneys father. They outnumbered us and had slipped away form us before so we were not ready to start a fight when there was no way to escape. Yet it was not us who started a battle, and indeed it was not these evil spirits.

Suddenly we saw a band of man-wolf creatures, Werewolfs charge at the shape changing spirits and attack them. A messy and brutal battle ensured and in that instance my anger erupted as I saw a chance the claim vengeance upon the false Pont. A struck him with an eldrich bolt and leaped after him. Meriele and Sandor joined the attack, but it seemed to me that they were attacking the werewolves. I cared not for the saying goes ‘the enemy of my enemy if my friend’ and so a took sides with the wolfmen against my hated foe. Helplessly Meriele and Sandor flailed and flustered foolishly in the fight as I unleashed my hellish wrath upon Pont.

Werewolf atack by mendigo amigo

The battle was messy and the wolfmen were injured and retreated but not before we had subdued the shape changers (for that is what they told us they were) Pont had tried to best me with his magical lute and I had been knock back but Hell hath no fury like a Teifling scorned. He tested me and I shall have him!
Slumped on his knees severely wounded from the battle I had no mercy to show him. My infernal rage had become a Tielfing blood lust and as I pulled back his head by his hair a grim smile of pleasure crossed across my face as I took my Tellak and slowly sunk it into his heart. ‘Do you know why I kill you? Because I can, because I enjoy it. Do you know what it feels like to determine another ones fate? Like this!’

The evil that these creatures had played upon the innocent villagers was at a close as the remaining shape shifters put up no fight as I had killed their leader and they told us the truth about what was going on.



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