Call of the Ravens

Of gypsies, ravens, and evil spirits!

My intrepid comrades and I have stumbled upon a web of deceit and treachery so tangled it is like a sailors knot! The Marques Radpen ‘The Black’ has arrived in this small fishing port by carriage, and our sturdy metal town guards have told us that this place is now under his control, given to him my the Steward of this kindgom Guy Patriks. Why we do not know, but no doubt it has something to do with the confusing tale I will now tell.
The note I found upon the body in the basement of Elliks tower turned out to be orders from the Raven to kill the Gypsy Queen… or at least this is what the symbol adorning the end of the note suggested. The Raven is a group of Wherewolves, we have been told by an old townsman called Smorg. The Gypsy Queen the head of the assassins guild. And one more twist my friends, this note from this band of wherewolves was closed by the old family seal of Lady Lilly Patriks, who was of the house of Hasell (a family name now ended due to Lady Lilly’s marriage to Guy).

So it would seem that the wherewolves are in league with or lead by Lady Lilly ( and no doubt Guy Patrik), and wish to be rid of the assassins guild.

Easy? Oh no! For now it would seem that Roddick is companions with Ellik, who also are in cahoots somehow with the local bard Pont a fellow called Gofney and some other local men. But why and for what purpose?
Mars and Cupid have been of some aid with their knowledge but are not too bright! We confronted Ellik at his tower and lo did Roddik turn up. Yet I swear upon the blood of my fathers that these snakes in the grass are not who they seem! Roddik does not recall hiring us in the first instance, the towers cellar was covered up and the barrel of body parts removed!
The slippery eels were somehow able to free themselves from rope bonds we had tied them in.
In the end through argument and confusion between ourselves, the warforged guards and the unholy dogs that are these creatures , these evil spirits pretending to be Ellik , Roddik and the rest, they slip from our grasp and escape.

I feel it in my bones, like the chill desert wind at the dead of night, that these evil spirits that are taking on the form of others are something to do with the assassins guild. This gypsy queen is being hunted by wherewolves, maybe Radpen the black is one. What we have yet to find however is any evidence of the wherewolves, … but I did hear a howl the first night… maybe… maybe.
It would seem too many people of the town are going missing only to turn up again seemingly unharmed, yet acting strange and not themselves.

Maybe we should talk to Gofneys father who is a gold miner to see if he feels his boy has changed, this for me will confirm my suspicions that they are being replaced with evil spirits!
Maybe our next task is to search out Elliks camp at night to see if further mishaps occur, or see if we can track this howl in the night which could now be the sign of wherewolves in the area. Perchance Radpen the Black may even be able to shed some light upon the matter.
One thing is sure, I would rather be in the desert in my tent with my goats than running around this smelly fishy town with all its confusion!


I think this i written very well so I;m bowing out of writing any more to this . good job Steve


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