Call of the Ravens

Out of the frying pan into the fire

Kalamar's take on the beginning of the quest.

While it may look awesome being shrouded in flame, it doesn’t really help if you can’t even hit a cows arse with a banjo. Or in my case a bunch of rats with my eldritch blade. Luckily for myself, and my friend Sandor, we were rescued from certain death (and ratty munches) by our most valiant companion Meriele. Hail to Meriele ‘Vermin-Slayer’. So we have met Roddik, a fidgety fellow, and have agreed to emancipate his belongings from a merchants tower. Alledgedly taken from him, a guard told us they belonged to Tellik, whoever that may be. But now we are in the towers basement surrounded by rat corpses and we have found a piece of parchment with a wax seal upon it. What will be our next move? A glorious beginning to a glorious adventure, lets hope our bold endeavours continue.



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