Call of the Ravens

Prequel: Out of the Fire and into the Fire

Tower of the Immolith

The Harpsichord has been at see some 11 weeks. Supplies were running low so the captain charted a course to Softsand Island. Only a small stretch of land some 5 miles across with few valleys and rivers. He did know that he could gain some fresh water, fruits and some small animals for his crew.
Taking several crew members and both Meriele and Sandor with them aboard the lowered long boat.

Sliding up onto the white sand beach which had a light dusting of ice and snow he directed he crew to be back in 12 hours and telling Meriele and Sandor to use their fighter know how to go hunt some wildlife.

The two set off, trudging through bracken, brush and tree. Hunting was not their strong point and little was found in the first hours.
A fast flowing river bard their way and so they took the time to hunt for fish with nothing more than their hands and a crudely constructed bow with rope attached. The river was fast and extremely cold as Meriele discovered when she stood in it in the hope of hooking a fish out of the water the same way she had seen bears do it in her youth.

Ten small fish was all they had to show for their effort and the cold getting into their bones. Sandor decided to make a leap across the river to see if the other side would turn up something more interesting. Making a huge leap for the far bank but falling short he landed witha a great splash. Disappearing beneath the icy rushing clear waters only to thrust himself to the surface gasping for air as the cold water was a shock to him. Several attempts he made to get a hold of the bank as the water slammed hard against him. Eventually dragging himself out cold and soaked to the skin and panting for breath.

Not to be left out Meriele made the same jump but this was with less success than her friend. Meriele disappeared beneath the icy water. Splashing and writhing she struggles to keep her face above water. It was moving fast and strong and carried her way down stream. Sandor raced down the bank to try and grab at Meriele but after several attempts she again disappears beneath the water again.

Sandor eventually dragged Meriele’s frozen body onto the bank. Checking he discovered that she had died from the cold. Looking about in an attempt to see someone who could help. Through the trees he spotted the familiar sight of grey stone. Possibly a building of some sort.
Throwing Meriele’s corpse over his shoulders he heads through the thick brush and trees and from atop a gentle slope he spies a tower.

The tower was hidden well within the trees and a slight dip in the land. It stood some seventy feet high with a strong door in the front and small slit shaped windows scattered about, all the way to the top.
Either side of the door stood two carved statues of great sword carrying warriors. These statues stood the full hight of the tower. Ominous and fearsome looking.
Sandor saw that no footprints could be seen in the snow so Ran to the door and with the body of the Eladrin occupying his arms he kicked the door open.

Part 2

The Tower had a feeling of warmth about it.
Several creates scattered the room and at the far side, opposite the door there was an odd iron cage. Iron struts reached the ceiling and a diamond shaped grill covered the interior to a small space within.
Sandor lay Meriele down on the floor and set about trying to break a crate to build a fire. In the hope that the cold icy water had held back the hand of death before it lay upon Meriele.
The create even though old seemed to be a lot tougher to break than he anticipated.
Sandor, after starting a fire took to searching the crates. fining nothing useful but a strange symbol attached to a leather strap. A pendant of some sort. He placed it in a pouch to study later.

Four hours later Meriele coughed and woke to Sandor’s relief and surprise.
The cage was decided was a moving floor. As there was no stairs this must be the way up the tower. The lattice door slid open with eas and the pair stepped in. in inspection found a lever that when dropped set gears in motion which in turn lifted the iron cage up.
On arriving at the second floor a set of statues could be see so the two departed the elevator to get a closer look at the statues. The room was bear and the stone features on the statues looked real enough. Meriele wondered if a Medusa had altered these men. putting them both on edge as to what could lay higher up the tower.
Then the stone floor started to crack and out crawled several fire scarabs spitting molten venom.
These creature though very dangerous to no time at all to dispatch. Leaving the two with some nasty burns.
Heading once again to the next floor in the rusty iron lift.
The second floor was filled with fire snakes. The lift stopped and they was about to get out but then decided to just continue straight on up.
The third floor fared no better as the lift breached the room so they could see through the iron gate to the room beyond flaming skeletons reacted with a fiery furiousity, sending balls of fire towards them. Which blasted and exploded against the lift bars. The gate swung upon and both Meriele and Sandor could do nothing but try and fight back. The skeletons marched forward as with a purpose to end their intruders lives as quick as possible. the battle was short but deadly sending Sandor to the floor with clothes and skin burning bright. Meriele did her best to rescue her friend and dragging him back to the elevator headed once again up the tower.
The heat was getting tremendous and difficult to breath. They longed for cool air in their throats.
The fourth floor just seemed to be ablaze but on seeing the room had crates in there they decided to enter anyway. Not until they had entered this floor did they then realise that this was no ordinary fire but two Fire elementals.
The Fire raced across the ceiling, reforming in front of them as if they had a mind of there own and that mind was set to kill. The heat was now over whelming and Sandor to the chance to move to a safer distance and taking his bow out to shots from the far side of the room. Meriele could sence some for of mind within and if it has a mind she could put that mind to sleep. she started to recite the words as Sandor continued to fire at the fire. Moments later the fires seemed to start to shrink. Receding to a smaller stae to the point Sandor and Meriele raced forward and stamped the tiny little flames out of existence.

The 5th floor was avoided totally as seeing within a Fire Acheron wandering around in there. No mater what they thought may be in that room it wasn’t worth going in.
The cage came to its final rest at the upper most floor. No fire monsters of any kind could be seen. Only a stone Sarcophagus standing against the opposite wall from the lift doors.
The two’s eye lit up as to what goodies this intricately carved stone edifice had inside its confines.
Using hand, fingers, blades and sword tips the two struggled to release the lid to this ancient box.
With a blast of super heated air the lid is blown off sending Sandor and Meriele sliding some fifteen feet across the floor onto their backs. forming and standing before them stood an Immolith. A demon that had been sealed away in this box with many guardians set to stop any wayward adventures getting this far. Now he was free again. Who was responsible. Who’s souls should he drink first. The demon Immolith was ready to strike. Meriele and Sandor thought they could take on this demon. There wasn’t much of a fight as the Immolith sent fire balls and super heat towards the two heroes. Only getting in one attack be for falling to the demon’s attack.
Sandor fell fast once again. Crisped at the edges and smouldering in the far side of the room. Meriele saw no chance of doing battle upon herself and decided to leave as fast as she could. Running over to Sandor, she knelt down next to him and then she teleported them both outside. The quickest way she could. Sideways. Seeing a cops of trees to her left through one of the arrow slit windows she ported both of them to the top of a tree. In the hope that the tree would slow their fall to the ground as she knew she had limited teleport range. Meriele didn’t quite make the full distance to the right location in the trees and they both fell tumbling to the snow covered ground some forty feet below.

Meriele looked up as she stood holding her right arm. Looking back up the tower and thinking how lucky they were to get out of there. Now the only problem was that the ship had left some two hours ago and so they are now marooned on this small island with that demon they had released.
A voiced called from the tree line. It was one of the sailors from the Harpsichord. Relief came over Meriele. Sandor stood, shaken from his wounds and burns but he was fit enough to move. The sailor lead them an easy path back to the Harpsichord. The captain had shown a softer side of himself and had waited for the two newcomers.
Meriele handed him a small wet sack.
The captain looked inside only to find it full of small cooked fish.



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