Call of the Ravens

The truth of the Truel

The shapeshifters confessed to us their standing and what was going on in this town. What we had first thought was Wherewolves (The Ravens) against Vampires (The Gyspy Queen) with the changelings being in alliance with the Vampires was in fact nothing of the sort. Three factions which had long existed were the focus of a fourth. The first three were:
The Ravens who were a clan of Vampires.
The Gypsy Queen another band of Vampires.
A seemingly local group of Werewolves.

The changelings were the fourth and quite clearly the Werewolves knew about them and were at war with them.

The changelings killed and devoured parts of their victims and took over their lives, which they had been doing in this town. They also told us that they had been trying to start a war between the two Vampire clans (hence the sealed letter found in the tower).
The changelings hoped to be able to fill the void of power left by the Vampires if they had gone to war.

This however did not explain the werewolves involvement.
Maybe we should try and find the werewolves and ask their side of the story, or another task would be to try and acquire an audience with Marques Radpen the Black whom we suspect to be somehow involved with The Ravens.



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