Erupting out of Kalamar's Infernal Hellfire Ukobach is his familiar a gift from the Nine Hells for a dark deed.


Ukobach is Kalamar’s Familiar which he will get as a feat when he reaches level 2 – I have put him in here now is an introduction to him for when we level up.

Size: Tiny
HP:1 (but a missed attack never damages it)
AC: 14(3)
Fort 14 (
Ref 12(3)
Will 14(

  • +3 bonus when Kalamars Warlocks Wrath is active.
    Speed:5, Fly 6(Hover) : By using a Move action Kalamar can move his familiar at its speed.
    Constant Benefits: +2 to Arcana and History Checks
    Read and Write Supernal (language of the gods, angels, and demons)
    +2 to Resist Fire
    Active Benefits: Deceptive Move – As a minor action Kalamar can cause Ukobach to become invisible until the end of the next turn.

Range: Ukobach cannot move further than 20 squares from Kalamar, if he does then he teleports back to Kalamar and becomes Passive.
Passive: Ukobach is on Kalamars person either hiding within his robes or perched on his head holding onto one of his horns (possibly invisible). In this mode he shares the same space, cannot be targeted and cannot take damage.
Ukobach can be ‘let loose’ and become Active as a Minor action.


A little skinny wingless imp-like creature with a big knobbly head with large glowing white orb eyes and an even bigger impish grin. His body seemed to flicker and glow with fire when he first ‘popped’ into existence, with spindly bird like legs, scraggly long taloned hands and a whippish scaly tail. However he never reveals his true form instead concealing himself in a small cloud of thick acrid smoke, motes of flame sometime flicker out from this shroud and the faintest hint of his body glows through, only his little taloned hands or a flick of his tail emerging through the smoke. His only discernible features are his white glowing eyes and his grin which glow out though the cloud. He smells strongly like a coal fire, and seems to speak to Kalamar in the hiss crackle and sprackle of a burning fire.

He likes to blow smoke rings at people and is quite talented at making them slowly float across a room and land on someones head or hand or other object. He does it to make a point or exclamation to those who cannot understand him or create them out of the blue when he is invisible just to annoy.


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